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What is breathwork?

The hows and whys

Breathwork - what is it and how does it work?

Breathwork is ultimately a form of self healing and gives you the tools to reset and heal

All of us, at some point or other will encounter challenges that manifest themselves in the mind, body or soul (and sometimes all three). Under the guidance of an accredited breathwork instructor, it is possible to learn and adopt a better breathing technique which will help you access and utilise more of the capacity of your lungs. 

Think of this as allowing your body to reboot, sending it into autopilot rest mode where it can rebalance and crucially, heal.

The physical effects

By practising regular abdominal breathing, muscle memory that was once founded on 'fight or flight' responses is encouraged to 'rest and digest'. The transition from chest breath to abdominal breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system and in turn, helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate. 

An improved breathing technique also aids muscle growth and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body. It wards against injury which can arise from untreated muscle tension and spasm and you will notice that your body can endure more intense exercise as your rate of breathing lessens. 

As you access more of your lung capacity, you will start to feel great, have more energy and be set on a path to optimum health.

Mental health benefits

By improving your breathing technique and adopting conscious connected breathing, personal issues such as stress and anxiety can be alleviated. It enables you to take back the control and successfully manage both your emotional and physical response to external triggers. 

As a result, that negative, unprocessed energy is eradicated, the insomnia is no more and you feel empowered - able to focus now on a happier, less stressed inner self.

The spiritual aspect

Adopting a better breathing technique may enrich your life on a different level altogether. In fully embracing the practice, and focusing on each breath, you may experience a sense of enlightenment and spirituality.

Discover the confidence to live the life you want without fear, to tread your own path without the need to fit in and follow.

Never feel selfish nor guilty about making time for you to reconnect with yourself. Each day should be a new opportunity to begin again, recreate who you are and more importantly be who you want to be.

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