Join me for breath workshops at Sun & Moon Gathering 10 - 16 August. Learn more

Join me at the Sun & Moon Gathering

Breath Workshops

Woolverstone Hall, Suffolk

19 - 26  August 2024

Breath workshops at Sun & Moon Gathering

19 - 26 August 2024

…come and experience the power of your breath with me

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Throughout the Sun & Moon Gathering will be my Breath workshops where I will be sharing a simple yet powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique that stimulates the body's self-healing powers. 

You'll receive a short introduction to the workings and benefits followed by a demonstration of the technique. You'll have the opportunity to then practise for a short period of time and then to ask any questions you might have before moving into the main breathe. You'll lie flat on your back or in a slightly elevated position where you'll be guided and coached through the remainder of the session.



At the Sun & Moon Gathering all are welcome, particularly the uninitiated! 

Just bring along yourself and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

The sessions include:

  • Short introduction to breathwork

  • Demonstration of the technique

  • Guided group breath session with your own very unique experience

  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions

(Note that there is no additional cost beyond the price of your festival ticket.) 

Sun & Moon Festival

Woolverstone Hall
Suffolk, UK

(+44) 07463 95 99 33

To find out more, email me: 

or call 07771 908727


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