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From people who know me

Some testimonials from people I've worked with

    Alan and his breatherapy has literally changed my life.

I met Alan in December 2021, when I was not in a very strong mental health position. My mother had recently passed away, after losing her battle with cancer, and I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage following 20 years in the Army involving numerous operational tours, it may have been PTSD, but I wasn’t sure. I found myself at a breaking and turning point where I either did something about it or just continued barely keeping my head above water and struggling through. 

I was given Alan’s contact details and read his story and, thought, why not give it a go. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. At our first session Alan listened and took the time to understand the place I was in and he did not judge me. We went through the breath practice and I found myself starting to able to release all of the stress, tension and negative emotions that I had held on to so tightly for a number of years. This was just the start and I have now been practicing for over six months, some sessions with Alan and others on my own, I have made it part of my life style. 

I now feel more in control of my feelings and emotions and able to make conscious decisions, life still has its ups and down and good times and bad, but with my breatherapy ‘superpower’ I am able to stay grounded and level and enjoy every day, letting go of those things that do not help or serve me and being kind and true to myself. I am just starting and will be continuing to learn and grow. 

Breatherapy with Alan has had a major positive impact to my life and I would recommend him and his practice to anyone. No matter your background or lifestyle this is life changing, especially in a world where we are often overwhelmed with stress and expectations in many forms. 

Thank you Alan.  

 Laurence B 

    My opinion and attitude has changed completely

I am a very black and white sort of person and prior to my session with Alan I was very sceptical, however my opinion and attitude has changed completely. 

I am in a job that’s very stressful and since Covid I have begun to realise that I need to start taking time for me and finding ways to relax and deal with things. 

Breatherapy has enabled me to do this, Alan made a space that was so comfortable and relaxing that I was able to unwind and let go. 

I have now been on two sessions with Alan and will definitely be going back. I cannot recommend Alan enough to anybody, I am so grateful for the opportunity as I now use breatherapy daily.

Mrs SF

    I have personally seen my blood pressure and resting heart rate reduce

I suffer with anxiety and heard about Breatherapy; I was intrigued whether it may help and I was certainly open to the prospect, but had no real expectations or preconceptions.  

The setting Alan created was so relaxing and intimate and Alan gave a great outline of the practice, speaking about his own journey.

On the evening I became quite emotional and whilst doing the practical, continuous element, it felt as if we were breathing for far less time than in reality.  It also felt that this time was mine exclusively, which with a busy lifestyle, was really precious. 

I’ve applied the practice since, when I’m feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and find that it really helps. I make time to focus on breathing ‘properly’ to take a bit of time out and I have personally seen my blood pressure and resting heart rate reduce.

I would recommend breatherapy and would say to anyone who is considering the practice, to be open to it; the setting is conducive and Alan’s coaching is informative, warm and professional.

Mrs NG

    I recently had a one to one breath practice with Alan and I have to say what an incredible experience.

As a first-time participant I wasn’t sure what to expect but Alan instantly made me feel completely at ease and was extremely thorough and attentive with his questioning and research.  I learnt things about breathing that I never knew possible and Alan’s gentle and calming approach made it so easy to relax and immerse myself fully.

Despite this being a virtual session, it felt as though he was present in the room and I felt completely safe and comfortable knowing he could guide me from a distance.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about the power of the breath and cannot wait to delve a little deeper.  Thank you for enlightening me in such a professional and yet personal way.

Sue Bolland
Yoga teacher

    I found Alan to be a very open and enthusiastic trainee.

His affability and compassionate nature will serve him well with his future clients.

Alan Dolan

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